In order to bring your Desires into your life you must first make room for them. It can be scary and uncomfortable to let go of the old as you stretch to the new. Sometimes as much as we think we want something we are more afraid of what we associate with getting it. That fear can interfere with the creation of your Desires. Remember that Transition is temporary. It is only as uncomfortable as you perceive it to be. Recognize that and know the new will soon become familiar and natural to you. Focus on allowing your faith to create a bridge over change and guide you to what you want. 

Transition is about bridging one state of being to another. As in this image you can use a bridge to get from here to there. Each step across the bridge brings you closer to transformation into a new way of being. Use the bridge to cross gracefully to your Desires. Take each step mindfully making supportive changes as you go!

The Question to ask yourself is…
What am I willing to let go of to get better or more?
What do I hold tight to that I know prevents me from  experiencing better or more?

The Activity to Engage in is…
Deliberately choose 1 small habit you would like to change, something like “having tea instead of coffee”. Commit to following through on changing that habit for 5 days! PAY ATTENTION and notice the internal dialog you have with yourself about choosing and experiencing each time you do the new habit. Notice how quickly familiar the new habit becomes!

The Affirmation to work with is…
I embrace TRANSITION knowing it leads to Transformation.

Life Shaping Deck - Influence Card - Transition
 Leianne Wilson

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