What is a Life Shaping Experience??

Get Tuned In to your Body Mind and Soul
Experience the Power of what happens when you Sync all three

Get Tapped in to your Inner Wisdom
Experience the great feeling of Clarity and Confidence when you  Shift your Perspective

Get Turned On to Designing and Living your next 30 Days
Experience getting more of what you really want and Shaping your next 30 Days!

A typical Event will walk you through a powerful Life Shaping Technique called Sync, Shift and Shape which will include guided meditation and sound (crystal singing bowl +) and usually movement or some other fun, relevant and meaningful activity. It is always a unique Experience and Transformational!

The goal is always to bring you through a vibrational attunement readjusting your attitudes and emotions through intuitive insight, guided meditation and activity.

A Life Shaping Experience often is a collaborative Event. It combines Life Shaping and the Technique Sync, Shift and Shape with some special service or modality to enhance your growth and improve your ability to design, create and experience your life!.

For Example: A Life Shaping Yoga Experience, A Life Shaping Sound Experience, A Life Shaping Acupuncture Experience.

The Life Shaping Experience will allow you to experience for yourself how art, sound and body movement, used in specific  ways, become natural tools awakening your personal power to intuitively navigate through life and get more of what you desire.

Coming Soon our Fall Event Schedule!