Sometimes life tends to get kinda crazy!

Sometimes there are too many choices…too many options, too many ramifications, responsibilities and conflicts!

Sometimes it’s difficult to know

which way to turn

what way to go

what to do.

That’s a good time for a Solution Session!

A Solution Session is designed to better understand the issue, your desire, the factors and influences, possible and probable outcomes, strategies and finally yes…SOLUTIONS.

You get to choose the subject you want us to focus on!

What is it you would like a solution to? What Issue are you trying to resolve? What challenge are you facing? What is frustrating you or making things complicated or difficult?

We will thoroughly explore it!

We will get to the core using my Intuitive talents!

We will thoroughly explore the factors and influences creating the issue We will get clear about what you desire We will work to find a way for you to manifest the best possible outcome

You’ll get a deeper understanding of the factors and influences You’ll get a fresh perspective

We will also use my Life Shaping Coaching skills to cultivate a Solution Strategy.

We will develop an Ideal Solution based on your desires You’ll get the Insight you need to turn things around And you will walk away with a Solution Plan Including Your:

  • Key Affirmations
  • Power Activities
  • Inspired Tasks

Everything you need to get on track and stay on track!

Everything you need to go from frustration to resolution!

You’ll walk away from this session, inspired, motivated, with a plan, and the support to see it through!

Solution Session $150 (90 min. session)

How do you get your Solution Session with Me?

It’s simple…

Step 1: Click the “Contact Me” Tab on the left to schedule your Reading!
Step 2: Click the “Purchase” button to pay for your Solution Session!