The IDEAL Reading 3 Pack

The IDEAL Reading 3 Pack

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I am offering, for a few short weeks, a special Intuitive Reading/Coaching Package developed just to assist you in clearing up CONFUSION.

Using Intuitive Reading Work we will find your IDEAL so you can more easily navigate through life with more sanity (PEACE)!

As part of your package you will get the support and coaching to skillfully learn how to work with your IDEAL and Manifest Experiencing It!

IDEAL Intuitive Reading Package:  Session 1 (1 hour) , Session 2  (30 minutes) , Session 3 (30 minutes)

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IDEAL Intuitive Reading Package

In Session 1 (1 hour) – You will choose what area of life you would like CLARITY on. Using Intuitive Reading Work we will identify your IDEAL and show you how to apply it to your everyday life.

In Session 2  (30 minutes)– Using Intuitive Reading Work we will evaluate how your new approach is affecting the flow of your life and the opportunities presenting themselves.

 In Session 3 (30 minutes) – Make sure you feel confident about facing challenges and how you are navigating life’s flow. We will also celebrate the success you have created and unveil the next step in your journey.