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Yogis have greatly benefited from all your studio has offered.
Are they hungry for more? Something new and different?
Introduce yoga workshops that touch the soul, stimulate the mind and raise awareness!

Every workshop is a mixture of Movement, Breath, Energy Flow, Education, Activity, Technique & Meditation.

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Intuitive Readings

by Leianne Wilson

Life has a way of delivering some very interesting curve-balls!

The complexity and variety of situations, circumstances and conditions we work with and call “Life” is dumbfounding, and sometimes downright difficult.

That’s where I come in…

I have been working with people for over 20 years using my intuitive talents to help people, just just like you, get the clarity and insight on their lives they ache for.

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I help people get answers to questions about their life.

Don’t you wonder where things are going,
why the people in your life do what they do,
and how best to handle things?

Wouldn’t that make a difference?

  •  I look forward to assisting you in getting the information you need to better handle your life & influence it.
  •  I look forward to escorting you into a better understanding of your life’s path.
  •  I look forward to peering into the future, and glimpsing your glory, your happiness, your success.
  •  I relish the idea of opening doors of insight that give you sanity, direction and confidence.
  •  I savor the opportunity to be a part of shaping of your life!

$100 per hour

  • Psychic Insight
  • Q & A
  • Clarity
  • Direction
  • Opportunities

"When I was 14 Leianne came to my house for a reading party thrown by my mother. Four years later, I discovered that everything she said about my future came true! At that moment I searched for her online and immediately booked an appointment.
Our recent over-the-phone session really helped make sense of things in my life. I found that what she was able to verbalize about me, my future, and some of my peers rang true. Leianne was able to shine the light on some parts of my life which gave me a new perspective. She was able to pin point certain things to give me clarity. Overall our session was an inspiring and enlightening experience. I was thrilled that having it via phone didn't hurt the reading. Cannot wait to book my life shaping session once I submit this post! =)"

"Speaking with Leianne has been very helpful and provided me with the clarity I needed"

"Leianne has helped me to see the situations and people in my life as they truly are. With that new found clarity, I am able to make the changes that need to be made. More importantly, she has helped me to see myself as a powerful creator of my own life. I am forever grateful."

"Leianne is a great talent! It is my pleasure and honor to know her and have her in my 'back pocket' to support me with clarity and direction."
I. Hammond

"For over the last 15 years, I have turned to Leianne’s gifts for insight, clarity, or a new perspective. Sometimes the information doesn’t resonant in the moment, it may take a day, week or months but, I am always amazed on how spot on she is."

"Thank you so much for the was exactly what I needed to put things in perspective in order to facilitate the healing process. You have such an amazing gift and I always feel so touched by your enlightenment!"
A. Mulrain

“During the past year, I’ve had to make some very difficult decisions. The readings that Leianne gave me provided a much needed clarification and a new perspective. Thanks to these readings I was able to make my decisions with a greater sense of peace.”
M. Alessi

“I have found that a reading is a helpful way of understanding the “WHY “. Leianne is a very talented, young woman who is able to put you in touch with the “WHY” of your feelings and life situations.”
E. Pitrelli

“Leianne, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have met you at the exact time I needed to. I feel like the extra push from a friend brought me to a hallway where you are. With your keys and guidance I can begin to open new doors down the hall. Thank you for the keys!”
D. Jacobs

“Thank you so much for the reading today, it was wonderful! You are a beautiful soul and the energy I felt today was magical.

“It was so helpful for me to have the reading. More than that, it was great to hear your positive voice and know I was able to connect again. Your reading gave me such a lift and took away the panic.”

“This reading has brought clarity to my spiritual path, re-affirming to me that my self growth skills are worth continuing. All the information I received in today’s reading was meaningful!”

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