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What happens when you bring it all together?

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Now is the Time…Like never Before!

The Spiritual Awakening has begun and the time is prime to learn how to use your natural REAL POWER! Bring Personal Growth, Self Development and Higher Consciousness together to skillfully work with vibration and navigate from your Soul. That is SMART Spirituality! That is Life Shaping!!

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Life Shaping is the Key to Bringing Everything Together!

Use SMART Spirituality to Expand your Awareness, Heal, Navigate Life from your Soul, and embark on a path of Self Evolution that naturally allows Ideal You to Emerge.

What is Life Shaping?

Welcome to the art and mastery of designing, creating and shaping your life. Life Shaping is a skill developing program where all aspects of Spiritual Awakening, Personal Growth and Self Development come together to work synergistically, providing the opportunity for a Higher Level of Consciousness and Self Awareness.

Life Shaping is built on a set of concepts, activities and practices that activate powerful aspects within you. That activation raises your consciousness and vibrational state allowing you to utilize the incredible power you have within to truly transform your life and create the reality you choose!

Life Shaping gives you the Tools & Techniques to experience a natural process of escalating your Spiritual Growth while developing mastery through your own Self Evolution!

What is SMART Spirituality?

SMART Spirituality stands for specific attributes that enhance your spiritual growth and Self Evolution! When you understand these attributes you are able to Master the Game of Life and have it work with you and for you!

Source Skill

Metaphysical Magic

Awareness Alchemy

Reflection & Resonance

Tools & Techniques

SMART Spirituality means you are focused on raising your energy (frequency) and maintaining it through integrity and authenticity. It also means you are actively pursuing a path of spiritual awakening, personal growth and self development. Learn More About SMART Spirituality!

8 Keys to Self Evolution
  1. Root into your true natural Power (Source/Soul)
  2. Make Clarity a Priority
  3. Act in Accordance with your Clarity (Authentically)
  4. Observe, Listen and Choose Wisely
  5. Claim your Wellbeing and make Sacred Time/Practices Priority
  6. Use the Power of your Mind and Vibration Skillfully
  7. Expand your Consciousness by Increasing your Awareness
  8. In Harmony, Unite with others Spiritually Awakening & Evolving, together follow Keys 1-7
What is Ascension, and how does it relate to Self Evolution?

Earth and her inhabitants have hit a phase of expediential growth. We are all on the fast track of enlightenment. It is a great time of heightened awareness, personal expansion and raising your consciousness.

Humanity has hit a cycle of growth and awakening that has a snowball effect.

Ascension is the process and path of fast track awakening into your super human senses. It is the process of evolving self into Ideal Self. Evolving into who we were meant to be, expressing our full potential.

It is a process, a journey of learning how we really operate and how to work with our power on a spiritual level. That process of learning is Self Evolution. Life Shaping is a set of tools and techniques to assist you in your Evolution.

The result will be a culture and planet that lives more fully, richer in experience, and in harmony.

How do I know if I’m on the Ascension Path?

If you live on this planet there is no avoiding what has already begun. Awakening to your potentiality is a choice, but every moment of everyday your soul will be calling you to experience more, be more compassionate, move beyond old fear patterns and rise to who you really are and wish to be.

If you go with the natural flow of the fast track of Ascension you will be in for a wild ride with lots of amazing miracles.

If you ignore the calling you will find yourself bumping into struggles and frustration that are pointing you in the direction of growth.

Either way you are on the path of Ascension. It is up to you and your awareness how easily you embrace the journey.