About Leianne Wilson

Intuitive Revealer & Vibrational Therapist

Leianne Wilson - Well Being Coach

Leianne Wilson - Well Being Coach

I’m an Intuitive, a Revealer, Life Shaping Coach and Vibrational Therapist!
Basically, I use my Psychic abilities to help people get in touch with and discover (REVEAL) what’s really going on in their life and why, then assist them (Coach them) in getting more of what they want using a set of tools, techniques and programs I call Life Shaping.

You see Everything is made of Energy, all those particles of Energy are moving around, vibrating. Different rates of movement create different Vibrational Patterns (Signals/Frequencies). Those patterns give us the different experiences of matter like water versus a rock.Those different Vibrational patterns also give us the situations and conditions that show up in our lives.

We all have things that are missing in our lives, or things that frustrate us, patterns or situations that keep showing up that we don’t want, as well as things that we desire that don’t show up.
We all have things that are missing in our lives, or things that frustrate us, patterns or situations that keep showing up.

I teach people how to work with Vibration and Frequencies to create Breakthroughs and retrain their Vibration so they can shape life and get more of what they want out of life.

I basically help people design, create and experience a deeper fuller richer life.

I have a multitude of modalities and expertise to work with to do that...

I'm an Intuitive, Vibrational Therapist, Life Shaping Coach, Crystal Singing Bowl Player, Hypnotherapist, Psychic Reader, Healer, Speaker, Teacher, Author, Artist,…(the list goes on) in the Denver Colorado area. The labels don't matter as much as the integrity, experience, skill and caring! That's what I am all about and wish to offer you.

Here is what my mission is when working with You as a client:

  • Help you find Clarity and Understanding so you can feel better about the decisions you’re making and the actions you are taking.

  • Assist you in getting a really good handle on your life.

  • Work with you through your Blockages or repeated Unwanted Patterns and give you new Insight with a strong supportive Follow Up Program to integrate positive change.

  • Get you in touch and very familiar with your Inner Wisdom which is the Smart You!

  • Help you develop and Sharpen your Intuitive Senses so it’s easier for you to navigate your life on a day to day basis.

  • Get you Tuned In, Tapped In and Turned On to Shaping your Life!

My passion is to share what Life Shaping is all about!

Get to know me better...
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Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls

My Story:

I have been working in the field of body, mind and soul since I was a teenager. I grew up in a home where the supernatural was natural so I found myself immersed in metaphysics at a young age. At the age of 18 I was doing professional Intuitive Readings and had my Hypnotherapy certification by the time I was 22. I was hooked and have been ever since. It is my joy to continue to serve people doing Intuitive Readings and sharing many other methods of healing mentally, emotionally and physically with my clients.

Through the years I have studied Reiki, Nutritional Microscopy, Sound Healing, NLP…and the list goes on. I developed a very special course that delivers the most important keys to creating your reality and designing your future called the Life Shaping Program. It is my gem to share with all who are interested in shaping their lives.

I began to receive messages and images about shifting some of my healing techniques to include tuning forks. Divinely led I ended up in a store in Sedona that sold fusion crystal singing bowls and fell in love with them. I walked out of that store with my first set of tuning forks and a new calling to the sound of crystal singing bowls.

Within six months of my first encounter, the Universe led me to my second encounter with crystal singing bowls and this time there was no turning back. I was battling some severe health issues and discovered the bowls and forks improved my condition by 50% in the first week of working with them. I procured 9 bowls within six weeks.

Adding sound healing to my private practice  opened up incredible doors. When I work with clients our private sessions include imagery and sound to create transformation and real positive change with lasting results. I found that my Life Shaping Bowls shape lives!!

Next I started to really investigate Vibration and it's effects considering what i was seeing for results working with sound vibration and healing. My discoveries were profound and have enhanced my manifesting by 50-60%. I now bring what I have learned to my clientele through the Vibrational Intelligence Webinar and in my private practice methods.

Everyday continues to be a platform for learning and understanding more about the incredible Universe of possibility we live in and the amazing power we have as spiritual beings to design, create and experience our reality!