Hi, I'm Leianne!

Old Soul

I treasure the wisdom gained and remembered  from my Soul History. I am blessed to be able to draw upon the past skills cultivated and draw upon them now.


I am aware of other peoples thoughts and feelings and understand where they are coming from and why they do the things they do. “I Get It”!


I am a Highly Sensitive Person processing at any given moment multiple layers of sensory information…and doing my best to interpret it all.

You know...I'm the "Unique" one.

When I was in 3rd grade they took us down to the school library and let us loose to find a book to do a book report on. I got lost in the tiny section with the books on ghosts and ESP, carefully selecting my book. I emerged an hour later with my ESP book only to find the class was gone and had left me behind in my own world. I got in so much trouble because they didn’t believe I was in the library the whole time, in a section their 3rd grade minds didn’t even know existed. I was being called so young to discovering my passion, and in the wake of following my intuition, I was labeled “Different”…”Unique”. Can you relate?

My metaphysical Journey began...

When I was  16, I had the opportunity to attend a Past Lives Workshop in NY City inside a Cathedral with about 300 people sponsored by the A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce Foundation). We were lead through a chant before a regression. The vibration of all those voices resonating inside the arched hall rocked my world. I was hooked and have had sound, energy and metaphysics a part of my life ever since. 

Learn More About Leianne

Who Is Leianne? What has she accomplished? What does she bring to the table when working with Clients?

Best-Selling Author of “Life Shaping Questions”

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Every question in this book, leads you on a journey of getting clearer on how to influence life and shape it into more of what you desire.

Your answers to this series of questions will give you the freedom to be you – living a life of choice, excitement, stimulation, growth and fulfillment.

Leianne has developed a unique background in, metaphysics, the intuitive arts, paranormal, psychotherapy and life management. Recognizing that true health and well-being, come from working with and understanding the body, mind and soul. Immersed and Skilled in a broad variety of processes, methods and techniques in all areas of health and well-being including yoga instruction she brings it all together to serve.

She is educated and skilled in business, management, marketing, internet, leadership, psychology, metaphysics and nutrition. Which makes for a unique blend in helping individuals, to executives and entrepreneurs.

She has appeared on numerous tv and radio spots in different areas of the country and presently serves clients across the globe. She has led Ceremony and has taught over forty different workshops and seminars on the subject of personal growth, developing intuition, vibration, manifesting and Life Shaping.

Energy Sound healer, Intuitive - Leianne WilsonLeianne Wilson is a Professional Sage, Intuitive Revealer, Crystal Singing Bowl Player, Vibrational Therapist and Yoga Instructor. The heart of her practice is rooted in moving energy to create transformation.

She has developed a unique expertise in metaphysics, the intuitive arts, life management, yoga, sound, quantum physics and spirituality. She has 30+ yrs of experience in the field of spiritual growth, personal development, and has created a series of tools, programs and techniques to assist people in escalating their personal growth, creating transformation to manifest the life desired.

She is creator of the “Life Shaping Program” , The Life Shaping Deck – Oracle Cards, Authored a Best Selling Book and produced the Crystal Singing Bowl CD “Tonality”. She provides personal Intuitive Readings, Coaching, Yoga Instruction, has taught workshops across the nation, appeared on numerous tv and radio spots and authored 4 Books.

She is an excellent source to consult when you’re looking for clarity and solutions or to manifest. She has helped many people across the globe demonstrating when you Shift your Body, Mind and Soul…you can create anything!

Over 35 years (started young) of collective study through mentor-ship and education in the field of metaphysics and spirituality. Lectured at over 50 events on a variety of topics regarding the mind, and spirituality.

Designed the “Life Shaping” course to introduce and integrate spirituality into every day life and business.

Completed Yoga Instructor Certification.

Served on the staff for Depak Chopra seminars.

Served 8 years on the exclusive staff of psychics for Psychic Fairs Inc. in New York.

Served 2 years on the highly reputable staff of psychics for Vision Quest in Arizona

Owned and operated “Moon Creations”, metaphysical center for 2 years.

Professional Intuitive
Life Shaping Coach
Psychic Clairvoyant and Medium
Sound -Energy Healer
Crystal Singing Bowl Player
Certified Hypnotherapist
Yoga Instructor
Cacao Priestess
Advanced Reiki Master
Certified Nutritional Microscopist
NLP Practitioner
Contact Reflex Analysis Certified
National Speaker
Business Degree
(the list goes on with all kinds of silly titles, certifications, alphabets and initials, blah, blah, blah)

After decades of study and experience in the field of Intuitive Arts and Metaphysics check out how I offer my clients a unique experience.

How I became an Intuitive, a Healer and Vibrational Therapist. Divinely led through each stage of my development to bring to you the best methods and services.

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