Life Shaping

How much better would you feel if you knew how to Master Life?

Mastering Life means…

  • Knowing Your External World is Created by You
  • Knowing When to Act and When to Allow
  • Knowing What Decisions are Best for You
  • Knowing Who You Really Are as a Unique Soul
  • Knowing How Powerful You Really Are
  • Knowing How to Use Your Power to Shape Life

Life Shaping is the Key to Mastering Life!

What is Life Shaping?

The ultimate course and program in totally changing your life!

Life Shaping is Smart Spirituality

Life Shaping will get you results, and reveal the equipment you need for the rest of your life to get the very most from living. You will master Ego, Inner Wisdom and living a High Vibration Life.

Life Shaping is an experiential program! You will learn, engage in activities, practice techniques, use tools, and enjoy interactive media lessons while working one on one with me to master each concept inside the program so you can easily put it into practice in your life!

Skills You will Master in Life Shaping


A way of Processing and Navigating life that Frees you from Limitation and Past Negativity


It is a new way of thinking, feeling and relating to every aspect of our life that puts you in power.


Reveals the Power within to work the Quantum Field to Shape Life, Raise your Vibration and Heal old wounds

Self Love

It is a way of re-connecting to the love within you that creates magic.


It is a Harmonious & Coherent approach to resolving Inner Conflict and dissolving internal toxic Beliefs


A Practice of Living and Shaping your reality using Vibration and the amazing power of your Mind.
  • You will figure out who you are, and get clear on what you want.
  • You will know the triumph of creatively using your mind to break patterns that block you.
  • You will explore the art of allowing, learn all about using the law of attraction and manifesting.
  • And then you will skillfully create it using the tools and techniques you learn in Life Shaping.
  • And finally you will learn the art of celebrating your power to shape your life, and savor it deliciously.
  • Everything you need to know to improve relationships, friendships, family-ships and professional relations.
  • Everything you need to know about what a powerful being you are, and how to use your power to design, create and experience more of what you want in life!
  • Everything you need to know to utilize the best intuitive source of guidance you can get, how to get awesome creative solutions to the most challenging problems, techniques that tap into your subconscious to uproot negativity, and how to easily use meditation to get results in your life.
  • Life Shaping will give you an eye opening understanding of why you think the things you do, and why you do the things you do…even when it isn’t in your best interest.
  • You’ll get the inner confidence to be you, follow your passion and feel good!
  • You will create a new special relationship with the smartest, strongest, inspired and motivated part of yourself, … and set it free.!
  • You will be armed, and prepared for life’s curve-balls, mishaps, and hardships.
  • You will learn to tap the knowledge within to make the most out of any mess, and come out smelling like a rose…to yourself and to the rest of the world.

Life Shaping Mentoring

When you work with me you get the best of all worlds for an experiential learning process filled with fun and “A-Ha’s”!!

The Life Shaping Program is customized to work with the details of your life and where you’re at. Meditations, Practices and Activities all become personalized to you!

Are You Ready?

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Their Life Shaping Experience:

“I took the life-shaping course a few years ago and my life has completely transformed! I wasn’t very hopeful about anything… career, love-life, where I was in life in my mid-40’s. Now, for the last four years I have never been happier! I LOVE my new career, I am madly in love with a man who is madly in love with me, and so far, my 50’s are the best years of my life! Leianne’s course (and the requisite homework!) played an important role in my transformation. I had read alot of books, done a lot of seminars and workshops, but somehow she was able to touch me in a way no one else had. Best choice of my life and one I continue to make on a daily basis. Thanks for showing the way Leianne. You are such a gift to the world!”

Julia Hogan
Cruise Host

“Now that I have gotten the concepts of Life Shaping I have a new way of getting clear about what I want. Instead of greed, or my ego dictating what I think I want, I know how to focus on my ideals and get what I really want. Now I know how to use my Inner Wisdom and listen to it. I use it to guide me all the time now, to know the difference between what is right for me to do, and on the same path with what I truly want, and to know what isn’t.”
I look at life so differently now. I look at people differently. Before I got into Life Shaping I was wrapped up into myself just to keep surviving in the world. Now I feel more connected to people and understand them better, as well as myself. I see the bigger picture of my life, and I realize I am not alone in it”
Taking the Life Shaping course with Leianne’s personal coaching was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I am deeply grateful, and excited about manifesting myself a new home like I have always wished for!!”

Wendy Becker
Premium Auditor

“ I found the knowledge of how things really work. Life Shaping has shown me a completely different world with the growth and courage to face my fears.”

Frank Elders
Business Owner

“I had gotten to a point where I knew that living the life I had been living up until now just would no longer do. It was with a feeling of sheer determination coupled with the anger and frustration of not realizing my dreams that I literally got down on my knees with tears in my eyes and half begged – half demanded from God big time change. I wanted to find my way out. To change paths.
     Not too much long after, I began the Life Shaping Program. I had not known initially, but am so well aware now that this is IT for me. This knowledge, insight, and power is truly my catalyst for change! It’s actually happening right now! I thought it was impossible. Now, I know that nothing is impossible. I am not the same person I was when I began the program! I made a life changing decision and now magic is happening!”

Lisa Lourenco

“I have never felt so good inside out! Now I understand what it is to experience true self esteem, inner peace. When I want something in my life now it comes to me rather than having to struggle to get it. This course was the best investment in myself I have ever made!!!”

Bob Mansfield

“Using the Life Shaping techniques, I found the way to easy living. The value of this program is not just in the how to… but in the freedom gained by opening one’s heart. If you wish to expand your understanding about yourself and others and find your deepest desire. Then use the Life Shaping program for a big step forward.”

Erica Hamilton

“Life Shaping has taken me to a new level of completeness. It has helped me realize that I do in fact have control of my thoughts and actions in an otherwise chaotic world.”

Stacey Roy
Fitness Enthusiast