Tonality Album

Tonality Album


It is very difficult to capture the true vibrational tones of Crystal Singing Bowls. These Tone Songs have been specially mastered to still carry vibration while allowing the soft tones of the crystal singing bowls to deliver their healing value. Digitally mastered this collection of crystal singing bowl songs has been enhanced with the sounds of nature ranging from rain to ocean accenting the sounds of the bowls.

Enjoy over 60 minutes of healing music, sounds and tones!!

You’ll find this music perfect for meditating to or as soul enhancing background music as you multi task!

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Check out and listen to a Sample Track from the Tonality Album!

Tonality is comprised of Six 10 minute tracks of lilting crystal singing bowl songs with nature sounds!
These are 3 min sample tracks


You will be downloading a "zip" file. When you click the link this item will download to your computer in a file folder of your choice, or the default folder your computer is set to. It is a safe clean file so fear not! When it is saved to your computer click the "zip file" to open it and you may have to "Extract" the files to be able to move them into your Mp3 Player! Once you download the item we are not responsible for what you do with it. With that said…please observe copyright laws and our Sharing Policy.

Crystal singing bowl tones are difficult to record, especially if you want to maintain the integrity of the vibration. For this reason it is best to listen to crystal singing bowl music with good speakers or a headset/earbuds. Test the volume to find a listening level that is pleasing and comfortable to you. Don’t use crappy speakers or you will have a diminished listening experience for sure.

Nature Sounds are deliberately used for vibrational purposes. The frequencies of these sounds and pitches send signals to your brain that are beneficial to your wellbeing and integrating subliminal messages if they are included in the recording.