VibeCast - Relationships

VibeCast - Relationships


Relationships are all around us, family, friends, lovers, mates, pets, co-workers and they bring with them challenges and learning opportunities, which sometimes makes for rocky ground and instability. These 2 Vibe Tracks will strengthen your beliefs around creating and experiencing healthy Relationships and connections for your greater wellbeing!

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You will have 24 hrs from clicking the link inside your emailed Purchase Receipt to Download this digital product!
You will be downloading a "zip" file which will have 2 VibeCasts within it.

Pay Attention to the Titles of your VibeCasts. You receive one for Meditation and Relaxation which will always have “Relax” in it’s title and have the sound of Ocean. You Receive another one for when you are Alert and will have “Awake/Wakeful” in it’s Title and have another form of water as it’s complimentary nature sound.

Use the “Relax” VibeCasts for: Meditation, Relaxing, Before Sleeping, Quiet Time, To De-Stress

Use the “Awake/Wakeful” VibeCasts for: Multi-Tasking, background music while Working, Exercising, Dressing, while engaged in activities and when learning.

Inside Your Zip File will also be included 2 Important Documents:
What You Should Know About VibeCasts.pdf
VibeCast Affirmations.pdf

VibeCasts or Guided Meditation recordings utilizing brainwave entrainment (Isochronic Tones and Subliminal Messages) technology are Not Recommended the for those who are epileptic, have mental disorders, those under the age of 18 without parental consent, pregnant women, those wearing a pacemaker, those prone to seizures, those that are photosensitive, or those under the influence of medication or drugs without the approval of an appropriate medical physician.

You can replay any of the tracks and loop them for up to 2hrs although that is not suggested after your initial sleep cycle.

By purchasing VibeCasts or Guided Meditation recordings utilizing brainwave entrainment through isochronic tones and subliminal message technology you are acknowledging and agreeing to accept full responsibility and liability in the use of these products.

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