Being a Maker of Miracles

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Miracles have always been thought of as grand acts or impossible feats.  In actuality what determines a miracle depends on each individual and their personal desires. What would be considered a miracle to one may not be to another.

Miracles come in both bold and subtle forms. They happen all the time, but leading the busy stressful lifestyles dictated by the 90’s they are rarely recognized or soon forgotten.  The power to create miracles is within us all and learning to use that power can improve every aspect of our lives especially our health and well being. Creating miracles within your life and appreciating them decreases depression and stress while promoting a sense of inner peace. In turn these healthy states of mind effect our physical health.

The debate of whether the mind and body are connected is a thing of the past. Researchers of science and medicine have run droves of experiments that conclude that positive mental states decrease lactate ions (or stress cells as I like to call them), increase the strength of the immune system as well as decrease the time needed to heal after surgery. This is fact not fiction, which means improving our mental and emotional states as well as our ability to create positive change is the best form of preventative medicine around.

The dictionary defines a miracle as any wonderful event by divine intervention. We are not use to viewing ourselves as divine and miraculous but truly we are as illustrated by this short story from Dr. Deepak Chopra .

An experiment was being conducted on the effects of cholesterol. Each morning it was the job of two lab assistants to inject a group of rabbits with high doses of concentrated cholesterol. When the time came to tally up the results the scientists found that half the group had extremely high cholesterol, as was to be expected, but the other half was normal.

This baffled the scientists and left them with the task of solving an unexpected mystery. After exhausted efforts they spoke with the lab assistants for any clues they might have missed.

What they found was that one assistant would walk in the room and administer the injections and walk out. The other assistant would hold, pet and talk to the rabbits and then administer their injection. Sure enough the rabbits with normal cholesterol, in spite of the injections, were in fact the ones cuddled.

This is an amazing demonstration of our power as humans to create a miracle. Imagine what a few hugs a day can do for your cholesterol level. These types of scientific/spiritual demonstrations have also been illustrated with Larry Dossey’s work on studying the effects of prayer. (Prayer being form of concentrated thought and feeling.) In controlled laboratory experiments it has been discovered that praying for someone, whether they are aware of it or not, greatly improves recovery from surgery. If we can effect our own health or someone else’s in a positive way that certainly qualifies as a miracle.

As a culture we are just beginning to understand the divine effects we have on ourselves, others and the world around us. We each have the power to create miracles through our actions, but more astounding is to realize that we can create miracles through our thoughts and feelings. Many researchers are now busy in their labs, like mad scientists, working to fully understand how our thoughts and feelings manipulate energy, effect our cells and change the environment. Metaphysical and spiritual teachers have taught for centuries the principles and philosophies of how this divine power works. 

Physicists someday soon may have the technical description of how it works, but in the mean time isn’t it enough to just know it works. That we do indeed have the power to create miracles.

It is when we are feeling frustrated, down and helpless that our ability to create miracles can help us the most. As those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings decrease our immune systems ability to defend, produce stress and tensions it is wonderful to know we have a powerful tool waiting to be activated. A tool that can create miracles by using thoughts and feelings to create positive change.

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