Who Are You, Really?

Each of us is  comprised of a complex set of personalities, one of which is the true self. We enter this world as a newborn with only our true self. From the moment of birth we begin to develop complex sets of personalities designed to aid us in surviving mentally, emotionally and physically in this world.

We develop personalities with particular sets of behaviors and attributes designed to handle the variety of situations we encounter in life. I like to call these personalities your cast of characters. Depending on the situation at hand you call on one of your characters to step in and handle things as best as it knows how. You have a character that deals with co-workers and supervisors, a character that deals with family and a character that handles your love relationships. Some of the characters have personality traits in common but each has a unique ability, behavior or goal. We transition from using one character to another like we change outfits and who we are is comprised of the integrated collection of characters.

The question is who is the true self? Each character has been created to help you get what you need and want from life. Many of those needs and desires were taken on from your parents, friends and relatives. You were taught to want good grades, a secure job, a family and a nice home. Those desires may not really be what you want at all.  We get so caught up in who we think we are that we mistake our characters desires for our own. We need to ask the real me to stand up. We need to ask the true self who am I, what am I about, what do I really need and want from life and what is important to the real me I was born as?

Did you know that 90% of all problems, stresses, anxieties, struggles and frustrations come from not knowing who you really are? Close your eyes and take a minute to list five attributes that describe yourself. You probably came up with words like thoughtful, funny, friendly, intelligent etc.... These words really describe your personality which is different from whom you really are.

Many of us are so busy that those questions never get directed to the true self until we hit what is call "mid-life crises". Mid Life Crises is a period of re-evaluation, a point at which we begin to ask our self what is the meaning of my life and what do I need to be fulfilled. If we stop now and ask those questions "crises" isn't necessary. What makes crises so uncomfortable are the thoughts and feelings of confusion. It is difficult to handle life in a clear, confident and enthusiastic way when you are out of touch with what you really want and need from a situation. It is the confusion and indecision that causes anxiety, stress, strife and discontent. When we are in touch with our true self it clears confusion and allows us to experience the clarity of knowing what we truly desire and the path best suited.