Your Characters or Your True Self

Did you know ninety percent of all problems, anxieties, struggles and frustrations come from not knowing who you really are and what you really want? 

Each of us is composed of a complex set of personalities. I like to call them our cast of characters. Each character is developed to use certain behaviors to help us cope mentally, emotionally and physically in the world. We transition from one character to another like we change outfits and the image we present to the world is a reflection of our cast of characters. 

Underneath our collection of characters is the true self. The part of us that knows who we really are, what we truly desire and how to get. The true self holds our individuality and our personal deep desires in contrast to the characters which hold learned desires and coping skills that may or may not have anything to do with what the true self desires. A character strives for satisfaction, the true self strives for deep happiness and fulfillment

We get so caught up in who we think we are that we mistake our characters desires for our own. We need to ask the true self who am I, what am I about, what do I really need and want from life and what is important to the real me ? When we take action and use our decisions and choices in accordance with what we really desire we experience not just happiness but fulfillment.

The stress and anxiety we experience is really just a signal for us to get focused on our true self. An opportunity to get past our automatic coping mechanisms and evaluate life with respect to our true needs and desires. Problems are just challenges with a solution yet to be discovered. They present us with the opportunity to better understand what we desire and provide us with the challenge of creating a solution to get it.