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What’s the Secret Ingredient Behind “The Law of Attraction”?

Over the years I have struggled with “The Law of Attraction”. I found sometimes it worked… sometimes not so much.
I started questioning and researching and ultimately I discovered there was an ingredient that could make all the difference in the world when added skillfully… and that is Vibration.
From the moment I began utilizing Vibration and integrating it into my daily practices I found my results increased by 30%! I really began to see “The Law of Attraction” in action and providing more consistent results. 

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What Napoleon Hill Couldn’t Tell You In His Book “Think and Grow Rich” – It’s All About Vibration!

In a rare medium session Napoleon Hill confessed to Ether & Jerry Hicks that huge chunks of his book were taken out by the original Publishers because they didn’t think the public could wrap their heads around the concept of Vibration.
Or was it that they were looking to protect one of the most coveted secrets?

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Confusion is a Good Thing

When life starts tossing things upside down and backwards it is natural to get confused. Confusion actually is a good thing because it signals the need and desire within to call your attention to getting focused on what is really important to you! It means that for all the jumbled circumstance the Universe is really paying attention to your desires and trying to deliver them…but you are still holding conflicting thoughts and emotions within. 

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