Review - The Last Avatar

This is definitely a low budget production and it shows. If you can look beyond that this film does tell a story, that while although may be predictable… stirs the soul.

The story line falls along the lines of lost soul who sheds his normal life to awaken to who he really is. He is a messenger and conduit of awakening for the people of our planet. We follow him on his journey to discovering friends in this dimension and others that lead him to recognizing his true purpose.

I think what makes this film is the graphics and message that we are more than what we see. We are surrounded by a light body that has the power to effect change in the world.

I did find for days after watching this film the graphic images of my light body and its geometries popping into mind. It left a mark on me…it woke something up inside me. So the film accomplished the very goal it set out for… to remind us how powerful we are and the implications are limitless.

The Last Avatar will stir the part of you that knows the truth in its message. You are a creator. We each just need to learn how to work with our power skillfully. To do that, I suggest a program designed to move you through developing your power to shape your life and make the world a better place. I suggest Life Shaping!