What’s the Secret Ingredient Behind “The Law of Attraction”?

Over the years I have struggled with “The Law of Attraction”. I found sometimes it worked… sometimes not so much.
The basic concept is What You Put Out – You Get Back, Thoughts become Things, What You Focus on Manifests!
Sounds great in theory, and often brings results… but not as much as I would like.

I started questioning and researching and ultimately I discovered there was an ingredient that could make all the difference in the world when added skillfully… and that is Vibration.
From the moment I began utilizing Vibration and integrating it into my daily practices I found my results increased by 30%! I really began to see “The Law of Attraction” in action and providing more consistent results. 

“Vibration Is The Messenger The Law of Attraction Uses to Receive Your Orders!”
Leianne Wilson

How Vibration Works

Vibration is actually more like a data center. Information is exchanged between energy particles on the wave of Vibration. Vibration acts like a delivery system to communicate data back and forth, creating an information highway.
What’s more interesting about Vibration is what information is in it and how it effects energy.
Vibration acts like a communication network between you and the Universe bound by The Law of Attraction.

Before we indulge in How Vibration works I recommend you read What Is Vibration!
For the moment we will say Vibration is like a signature – a signal, or wave of information.
Vibration is actually a collection of signals in motion, interacting and communicating with energy.

When data travels the Vibrational highway it has a unique message or carries specific information. This information ranges from directions for how energy should evolve and change form to what is known and expected.

Think of when you write a letter or email. The intent is to communicate a message. Usually the content of that letter or email is to excite some kind of movement-response, whether to emotionally stir something in someone or to invite them into the next step – taking an action.
The message you’re going to send has purpose. You use language – words, sentences, to express your message. When you write or type it you are creating a record of the information you want to express in the form of language. You’re forming the message into information that can be delivered, understood and illicit a response.

The data and information you are communicating on the Vibrational Highway is expressed in a language or code called Frequency, “Vibrational Frequency”. 
The Vibrational Highway is where all kinds of data about you, your life, the world you live in, others, exchanges information- messages. That information is expressed in the form of codes – “Vibrational Frequencies”. 

If you understand how to interpret Vibrational Frequencies you can decipher the code and understand the meaning of the message. If you know how to work with Vibration you can create clear powerful messages- Vibrational Frequencies, or instructions for energy to follow. Those Frequencies instruct The Law of Attraction into in form.

The amazing thing is… you already know how to interpret Vibrational Frequencies!
You already know how to use the Vibration Highway!
You already know how to use Vibration and Frequencies to direct energy into shaping the life you desire!
You just don’t know you already know.
You just need to be re-introduced to the language of Vibration and how to use it.

“Vibration is the information highway between you and the Universe. Frequencies are the messages you exchange to keep in close communication.”
Leianne Wilson

You Can Hear the Vibrational Messages of the Universe!

One of the easiest ways to begin to become familiar with the language of Vibration and detecting different Vibrational Frequencies is by paying attention to what has been called “The Sound Current”.

The Sound current is the Universe’s Vibration. You are surrounded and engulfed by it. So much so that you probably never pay attention to it because it is always there.
You can hear the Universal Vibration thus why it has been called “The Sound Current”. What you hear it the actual collection of Frequencies (information messages) it is broadcasting.
Tuning your ear and attention to listening to The Sound Current will wake up inside you the awareness of other Vibrational Frequencies from yourself, others, and environments you experience.

Listening to the Sound Current
Step 1) Find a relatively quiet place indoors or outdoors. Take a few Deep breaths and quiet the mind.
Step 2) Say this Affirmation to yourself 3 times:
“I give myself permission to experience the Sound Current”
Step 3) Just sit back, listen, just Be
The Sound Current will sound like a medium to high pitched soft wine or buzz. When I can really hear it loudly it sounds similar to crickets in a field. Often to many people it sounds like when you have ringing in your ears, but it is usually softer and less pronounced. Just listen for it – it is there to hear.

If you don’t hear it on your first attempt, don’t worry you are training your brain to interpret a new set of signals. It may take a few attempts to really hear it. Once you do you will find you can tune into it anytime. Sometimes you will hear variations of pitches or pulses.

Most people report that they find the sound quite comforting. That comfort is part of how you are designed already to interpret Vibrational Frequencies. The comfort experienced is letting you know this is a safe and supportive Vibrational Frequency to be putting your attention on. It carries beneficial effects for your Body, Mind and Soul!

When I work privately with clients or with groups in workshops like “Cracking Your Vibrational Code” I move you through a simple set of exercises and introduce you to a more sophisticated way to detect, interpret and manipulate Vibration. You learn how to use your own built in system to skillfully use Vibration to clearly communicate back and forth with the Universe. This system greatly enhances the results you get when working with “The Law of Attraction” and manifesting more of what you desire!