About Life Shaping Bowls


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife Shaping Singing Bowls is about using the tones from Crystal Singing Bowls and Guided Imagery to harmonize you with your unique personal frequency which creates positive change and promotes love, prosperity, health and wellbeing! It is about using highly charged sound to shape your life.

How It Works:

You are made of Energy. Energy is always in motion. That constant motion of energy is called Vibration. You Vibrate!

Your vibration is like a radio station sending out a unique signal. I call it your unique Frequency.

Many things effect the creation of your unique frequency… Your attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and culture all lend to an individual set of vibration you cast out, which culminate in a very unique vibrational pattern. Your unique frequency!

Your unique frequency has magnetic power.

Your unique frequency has the power to influence energy and magnetically bring forth into your life situations and opportunities that match your unique frequency.

In other words your unique frequency is shaping your life.

When you lose the awareness that you are vibrating, creating frequencies, and shaping your life, you start feeling stuck, confused, unhappy or unwell.

Hidden within you already exists the code and secret potential for you to vibrate at the frequency of your greatest wellbeing. When you are tuned to that frequency you flourish, thrive and experience fulfillment! You get results! You feel good, … even when bad things happen.

Life Shaping Singing Bowls is about bringing your unique frequency back in tune with your greatest wellbeing.

Sound has been used all the way back to Lemuria and in every ancient civilization to enhance healing. Its underlying purpose is always to utilize sound vibration to bring oneself in to harmony with their unique frequency of wellbeing.

Experience this unique blend of sound and imagery as the Life Shaping Crystal Singing Bowls shift you into wellbeing.!

Here is my story and how I came to Life Shaping Bowls:

I have been working in the field of body, mind and soul since I was a teenager. I grew up in a home where the supernatural was natural so I found myself immersed in metaphysics at a young age. At the age of 18 I was doing professional Intuitive Readings and had my Hypnotherapy certification by the time I was 22. I was hooked and have been ever since. It is my joy to continue to serve people doing Intuitive Readings and sharing many other methods of healing mentally, emotionally and physically with my clients.

Through the years I have studied Reiki, Nutritional Microscopy, Sound Healing, NLP…and the list goes on. I developed a very special course that delivers the most important keys to creating your reality and designing your future called the Life Shaping Program. It is my gem to share with all who are interested in shaping their lives.

I began to receive messages and images about shifting some of my healing techniques to include tuning forks. Divinely led I ended up in a store in Sedona that sold fusion crystal singing bowls and fell in love them. I walked out of that store with my first set of tuning forks and a new calling to the sound of singing bowls.

Within six months of my first encounter, the Universe led me to my second encounter with crystal singing bowls and there was no turning back. I was battling some severe health issues and discovered the bowls and forks improved my condition by 50% in the first week of working with them.

I procured 9 bowls within six weeks. Adding sound healing to my private practice has opened up incredible doors. When I work with clients our private sessions include imagery and sound to create transformation and real positive change with lasting results. These Life Shaping Bowls are shaping lives!!

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