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Law of Attraction and Your Inner GPS

Recently I was watching the DVD “The Law of Attraction in Action Episode 1”. Abraham was using the analogy of a GPS system to illustrate how our inner guidance system works.When you get clear on a desire you want to manifest and experience, it is like punching in your destination into the GPS system. The universe will find a point in time, space, and conditions to match your core level request. This is just like the GPS figuring out where the address is, you just punched in, so it can calculate your route. Then, just like the GPS the universe calculates the best route for you and begins to communicate to you how to get there.

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Being a Maker of Miracles

Miracles have always been thought of as grand acts or impossible feats.  In actuality what determines a miracle depends on each individual and their personal desires. What would be considered a miracle to one may not be to another. Miracles come in both bold and subtle forms. They happen all the time, but leading the busy stressful lifestyles dictated by the 90's they are rarely recognized or soon forgotten.

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The 4 Pitfalls to Avoid in Manifesting

I have been in the field of metaphysics for 20 years and have had a lot of experience with manifesting. It is a process, and everyday is another day in the adventure of discovering what incredibly powerful creators we are. In my experience, these are the most common pitfalls that we all can fall into, consciously and unconsciously, that can block us from manifesting what we desire.

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