It is all an Illusion


Being steeped in life's activities, and physicality makes it difficult to remember that no matter how solid or permanent it seems...its not. It is an illusion. We perceive it as real, but it is only particles of energy presenting vibrational patterns for our minds to interpret. We live in a matrix.

The mind is a powerful tool for interpretation, translating energy into recognizable forms our mind can identify like cars, homes, jobs, and friends. The truth is it is all just molecules. The mind is actually the master magician of illusion. The trick is remembering this and reminding yourself that the illusion can become what your mind decides.

"Your Life is the grandest illusion you'll ever witness" Wizeress

Question: If you could wave the magicians magic wand of illusion what would you create in your life? What do you wish for in your illusion called "life"?

Remember your life now is made of a matrix of particles creating the present illusion you are experiencing. When you learn to wave the magic wand within and wield your power to influence can create a new illusion with your wish in it.

Hope you enjoyed this Insight for Living!