A Kitten and a Crow can do it, can you?


Are the kitten and the crow the stars in the latest Disney summer block buster? No this is a real life incredible story. Call me sappy, but I choke up every time I watch this little clip that defies everything we think we know about nature. You have to watch it all the way through, the last few minutes capture the most amazing images.

I am so thankful one of my best friends passed this clip along to me, for I have found it lingering with such a powerful message. I wish to share it with all of you, and hope you will be as moved as I was. This months Simply Spiritual is all about what a kitten and crow have to show us.

Just a simple spiritual thought.... This kitten and crow just demonstrate the possibilities when we let go of our roles and what we believe is supposed to be. These two creatures, that are bred to be enemies, in the absence of that understanding, found partnership. If we humans could follow in their example the world would be such a better place.

And a simple spiritual suggestion... Next time you find yourself looking at the person next to you, in their car in traffic and begin to create your judgments about who they are, and what they must be like, think of the kitten and crow…and let it go.

Next time your standing in line waiting for the cashier, and your mind begins to size up those standing with you, and measuring them by your inner moral yard stick, think of the kitten and crow…and let it go.

And when you snicker to yourself, or baulk over some one else’s behavior, actions or words, think of the kitten and crow…and let it go.

Remember in the end we are all the same, souls in a body, trying to make the most of our lives, and all of us could use the support and friendship that sees no judgment or boundaries, like the kitten and the crow.