A Mother’s Role

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by Leianne Wilson

Mother’s day isn’t about celebrating a blood tie It’s about honoring the dance done between you and she

It’s not about the mother you think you grew up with It is about the adult within you have become because of her

It’s about understanding your mother did the best she could good times and bad, successfully or poorly

It’s about knowing that even when she fell short for you underneath it was because she was feeling short inside

It’s about recognizing and acknowledging her strengths knowing you have them too

It’s about knowing that her weaknesses were a gift so you could make a choice of who you want to be

It’s about understanding she brought you into this world but didn’t always know how best to bring you through it

It’s about what she has given to you by way of lesson or love

It’s about the wise words shared It’s about saying “yes” when you thought for sure it would be “no” It’s about the moments she looked you in the eye silently saying “I know you can” It’s about the hugs that spilled “I love you” It’s about the moments  you saw the spark in her of “I believe in you”

It’s about honoring the precious moments shared good times and bad that only can come from “Mother”