Get Your Five Minute Spiritual Fix


Spiritual Fix:Take a moment today, and get five solid minutes of nature. Where ever you are, what ever you’re doing, make the promise to yourself to find those five minutes and reconnect with nature! (You can cheat and get lost in nature for 5 minutes, or if you're a Life Shaper visit your Sanctuary!) Step out side and lean against a tree, sit in the grass, take in a view, most importantly… take a deep breath and be in the moment. Repeat to yourself“ I am in the flow of all that is” until you begin to feel a sense of what it is like to be part of the scene, blending in. Why?...

Why? Because nature is spirit actualized, in physical form, in purity, free of the clutter of mind. A flower does not think to grow, it just does. It does not rant and rave if it is thirsty, or growing to close to the curb. It peacefully allows spirit to take its course. It goes with the flow and lives simply in bliss, and if its life passes it just makes room for the flow to fill in what ever seems fit. We have a lot to learn from nature and it’s ability to go with the flow.