Gypsy Past Life


Who would have thought. I grew up like any other kid thinking by the time I was 40 I would be married, with children, full swing in my 9-5 job. Hmmm... let's see do I want to go for teaching or business administration, asks the high school guidance counselor. Can you imagine turning to him and saying, "No, sign me up for the Gypsy degree". It really has taken me to 40 to just accept I will never be 9-5er. I will never be the star network marketer for Pampered Chef, nor the real estate tycoon agent. Tried em all, been there, seen it done it. All in efforts to try to support myself so I can do what I really enjoy...metaphysics, or to just fit in the box like all those around me and build a "normal life".

I have come to the deep conclusion, my value to the planet, what I have to contribute, isn't going to come from running some one else's business and doing things the normal way. After years of trying to fit in to the system and struggling financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I gave in. I allowed myself to become who I already am. Who I was born to be.

For years and years I have had this lagging vision of myself in another time and place crossing a desert. I am parched, skin dry, lips chap, but I am fine and at peace. I know I am on a journey and will sadly arrive at my destination. And when I arrive the village will welcome me. They will quench my thirst, feed me, and shelter me in my own tent, where I will sleep for a few days before reaching out to them, and spend special time with them.

I have a more vivid image (though now I have realized they are really memories, from of a past life) of visiting very tropical villages hidden amongst the trees where I have come to be with the people. I have been called to them by following the divine guidance (my Inner Wisdom) with in me. I have been called to service and completely trust that I am exactly where I need to be. I know that as I live life with them the ones that need my special healing abilities or wisdom will be revealed.

I even have memory of being called once again across the desert to help a tribe make rain. No wonder this life I take such great pleasure in the trees, traveling and sharing my intuitive gifts and divine services. No wonder I have always known we can influence the weather using our minds. No wonder I love to travel. No wonder I have actually found comfort in the homes of others while in the insecurity of the search for my own.

Now I realize that was the gypsy's life then. This is it now. I am a gypsy by heart, still offering her spiritual skills to those that reach out for them, traveling from home to home.

True inner peace has finely come to me now that I have accepted my past, and see how it is my now, and my future. "Home sweet home" is within me where ever I go, and sharing it with those that silently call me to them vibrates joy inside me. Some how I feel I have come full circle just in this recollection and reconciliation of past, now and future (although I am looking to find a permanent sanctuary others may call "home").

Hope you enjoyed these words on a gypsy and her past life!