Honor Thy Self

You have heard it many times over on the road to self growth and spiritual development, ”Honor Thy Self”. Treat yourself as well as you would treat your best friend, or maybe the good ole adage “love yourself”. Why is it so important to start with your self first? Why is honor so important? What does the dictionary have to say about Honor.

Honor is the bestowal of gratitude and appreciation. It is a celebration of worth and value. When you acknowledge what is valuable your inner energy resources refuel with the energy to create your desires. Honor is a power boost.

If you give or accept gratitude and recognition you benefit from its refreshment. Identify what you can appreciate and acknowledge, for it will serve your desires and increase the pleasure of experiencing them. If you would like to discover a way to acknowledge your self and develop the honor you might want to check out what an online Life Journal is all about. You may want to check out Life Shaping to or learn the difference between self esteem and self worth.