How Much Value Are You Sucking In?


Just a simple spiritual thought....As a soul, your main goal is to expand your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical consciousness, collect experiences, and contribute to the whole.

You are a vacuum cleaner collecting as much dirt as will fit in your expanding dirt bag. The point of collecting the dirt though is to honor its value to you.

The main purpose of a vacuum is fulfilled when it sucks up everything off the floor. When you are focused on your fulfilling your purpose of sucking in life, your soul feels good.

When you take the moment to appreciate sucking it in, you are acknowledging the value.

A vacuum cleaner is not picky about its dirt. It acknowledges it all, and sucks it all in. You are greater than that.

With your mind and emotion’s you have the ability to sift through your dirt and find the diamond earrings that fell on the floor and got pushed under the couch.

With your mind you have the opportunity to appreciate the nuances of your experience and acknowledge the value, as you stuff it into your dirt bag.

That’s if you can get past the dirt your mind sees.

That tiny piece of crumbled up tinfoil your mind sees on the floor ready to suck up into its dirt bag, is actually, upon closer inspection, is what your soul recognizes as the lost valuable diamond earring.

And a simple spiritual suggestion... Pay attention to what is demanding your attention. Wake Up! It is demanding your focus for a reason, or rather shall I say "value".

Life Shapers Log into your Life Journal and go to your "Miracle page". Open a new Miracle entry and type in what lately has been out of the ordinarily tugging and needing your attention. Then add this to your entry: "Ultimate Source I trust that through my Inner Wisdom you will reveal to me the value of this miracle." That's right just put it in there. Trust me, shortly here after you will understand the value (as long as you stay alert). When you "get it" and have your "ah-ha" moment you can go back to your Life Journal and enter it into your "Wisdom Log"! Life Shaping gives you the insight, life skills, and experience to help you get what you want from life!