Law of Attraction and Your Inner GPS


 I have to say, after being in the field of metaphysics for over 20 years, it takes an awful lot to “wow” me. Discovering the spiritual material delivered by Abraham and channeled through Esther Hicks has been a “wower” for me. A welcomed breath of fresh air to old and ancient truths.Recently I was watching the DVD “The Law of Attraction in Action Episode 1”. Abraham was using the analogy of a GPS system to illustrate how our inner guidance system works.When you get clear on a desire you want to manifest and experience, it is like punching in your destination into the GPS system. The universe will find a point in time, space, and conditions to match your core level request. This is just like the GPS figuring out where the address is, you just punched in, so it can calculate your route. Then, just like the GPS the universe calculates the best route for you and begins to communicate to you how to get there. The navigation system doesn’t care where you’ve been, where you are, or how far from your destination you are. It’s job is to just let you know how to get there. It doesn’t care if you’re late because you have been wasting time in front of the TV. It doesn’t care that you have just come from a funeral that has left you depleted and beside yourself. It doesn’t care if you just left a meeting planning to declare mutiny in the office.All it cares about is where you are now, in relation to where you desire to go. And it just wants to support you in getting there. So leave all your baggage behind…just get clear on where you want to go…and listen to your inner GPS, what we call in Life Shaping your Inner Wisdom. If you find it difficult to listen to your Inner Wisdom, turn down the music, the chaos, the chatter of worry within, and learn how to tune into you Inner Wisdom using your intuitive senses.