Living The Gypsy Life


In October 2004 I gave up my apartment put everything I owned, aside from 6 black bags in various sizes filled with stuff, into storage. It truly has been a journey ever since. A journey of spiritual growth and adventures. My girlfriends would say to me "ahhh, I kinda envy you, you just pick up and go, travel, see all kinds of things".

Funny how I kinda envy their "home sweet home". But I get it, and I do have a lot to be grateful for. I am free to travel from one end of the country to the other, dragging my six black bags of various sizes around, to experience all kinds of things.

I have been to the tops of waterfalls and mountains, lived weeks in forest or by sea, hunted ghosts, divined predictions to pass, and supported fellow beings in designing their destiny and manifesting it.

As a veteran psychic, healer, teacher and spiritual counselor I guess that's called "taking the show on the road". Doing it gypsy style.

I never thought in 2008 I would still be living a gypsy life. It has amazed me how The Ultimate Source has opened up opportunity after opportunity to send me to my next destination and park me temporarily.

After several comments by others about my unique lifestyle, and finally accepting I don't fit in a box like most people,... that it is ok, and it is what allows me to share my gifts with others, my thing, and  contribute to the planet.

Took me this long to fully appreciate the value of that, and the other people just might be interested in all the cool stuff I get involved in with being a gypsy. So now I am finally writing about it. I hope you enjoy my gypsy adventures! Blessings, Wizeress

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