Ready for Your Intuitive Reading or Spiritual Service?

A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to your Intuitive Reading, or any of my spiritual services! It’s my goal to use our time together as wisely and productively as possible. I want you to get the most you can from your Intuitive Reading or Session. So here are a few simple directions for you to follow to be ready:

1) Prior to your Intuitive Reading/Session send me an email with the following: Your First and Last Name Address Cell phone number Email Address Birthdate

If you do not send this ahead of time, we will have to take the first few minutes of your precious session time to collect this information. I would rather use it to be reading for you, wouldn’t you?

2) Prior to your Scheduled appointment with me PAY FOR YOUR SESSION!

3) Get Clear and Focused! If you are getting an Intuitive Reading MAKE A LIST OF QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE TO ASK! Do you have to? No, but I would strongly recommend it. In my experience your head will begin to swim with the information I begin to unfold for you. About half way through your Intuitive Reading your brain will have a tendency to forget all those questions you wanted to ask. PUT THEM ON PAPER, that way you don’t have to think about it during your session!!!

If you are getting a Solution Session or Breakthrough Package then get clear on what you want to focus on.

If you want To “Get The Most from Your Reading” view the video above. It will give you an idea of what you can expect and some tips! Enjoy, and I look forward to meeting with you!!


Blessings, Get Tuned In, Tapped In & Turned On to Shaping Your Life!