Spring in to You!

Realize Your Potential


Wake up!

Spring to life!

Allow the sun to warm your soul!

You have survived another winter.

You are now being propelled into the growth that comes with budding new adventure.

Spring has arrived reminding us of potential, possibility, and the splendor that exists.

Your potential sits within you, like a dormant seed,

now finding itself bathed in sun,

caressed with water,

and breaking free into new form.

Whether you know it or not, like it or not, or resist it all the way…

You are budding, you are blossoming, you are reaching towards your potential!

You are growing…and every movement is bringing you closer to becoming more of who you can be.

Know that the growing pains you may endure, are part of finding your new form of expression.

Shed the shell of the seed, and allow yourself to take on a new way of thinking, feeling and being.

Embrace your new form,

as your potentiality moves into possibility,

blooming into reality!

Suggested Technique:

Take 2 hours out to get outside and just be with spring! Use one hour to just be with it, in it, and enjoying it. Take the next hour to ponder your potential. What this spring would you like to turn into possibility for yourself? What reality would you like to create for yourself this summer that allows your soul to blossom? Choose something that you would like to indulge and express!

Then make a commitment to yourself to follow through. Spring into motion your desire! Do something this week to follow through, make a call, hold a conversation, research…do something to cultivate the seed within you and grow it into manifestation.