Twin Flames versus Soul Mates


I was reading your “Is it a Soulmate or a Karmic Connection?” post and was interested if you've posted any information on if there is a difference between a twin flame and twin soul? S.Avery


There really isn’t a difference between Twin Flames and Twin Souls. In essence they are two different terms used to describe the same thing. There is although a unique difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

First let’s get an understanding of what “Soul” is really all about. You may be familiar with the idea that you have within yourself a Soul. Your Soul is inhabiting your present body until you die, and then your Soul will move into a different form. Reincarnation takes place when your Soul moves from one life to another, traveling in and out of different bodies for a cycle of birth to death. So the Soul recycles itself into many different lives but it’s the same Soul, it is still “You”.

This understanding of “Soul” is really a limited view of the bigger picture. The Soul inside you now, is really just a fraction of the real Soul called “You”. Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts,) called this your Over-Soul.

Imagine for a moment a pie. The whole pie would be your Over-Soul. Now imagine cutting that pie into slices. Each slice of the pie would be a soul. The “You” you are now is a soul from a larger pie that we could call “the greater you” which is your Over-Soul.

Slicing up the Over-Soul into slices has some great advantages. It allows each Soul to go off in different directions and gain a multitude of experiences and growth.

Think about it…how many times have you wished you could be in two places at once? You actually are in many different times, spaces, dimensions and places at once. There are slices of you spread out across the universe.

A Twin Flame or Twin Soul, is another slice of you. It is rare, but occasionally you bump into another slice of your Over-Soul here on earth. That is why the connection feels so intense and strong between the two of you. It also explains the telepathic sensitivity between you both, and an uncanny ability to understand each other.

Twin Flame relationships rarely make it for the long haul. You usually cross paths to act as a catalyst for big change, or provide a great awakening for each other. For as strong the bond you experience, you provide a field for growth filled with challenging learning lessons for each other. Why? Because the whole point of dividing up the Over-Soul pie into soul slices is to cover more ground, spread out and experience variety. Getting together and living life together usually is counterproductive to the purpose.

Most people confuse a Soul Mate with a Twin Flame. A Soul Mate is a slice of Soul from another Over-Soul pie. Often it is a Soul you are familiar with, and have had previous experiences with in other lifetimes.

Before you are both born you agree to play roles for each other when you come down to earth that will facilitate your life purposes and individual growth. Sometimes that works out well…sometimes not.

Soul Mate relationships don’t come with any guarantees. Even though you agreed to play out some roles before you came to earth, once you get here…free will rules…and anything can happen. Destiny and the Universe/God/Fate will make sure the two of you meet and have an opportunity to play out your roles, but it is up to either of you what you make of that opportunity.

Twin Flame relationships are usually mislabeled, and are really just highly charged intense Soul Mates.

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