Why Men Run From Love


As a Psychic Reader I am often asked by women why the man they are interested in seems to run as soon as things look like they are going well. I am fortunate that I have had the insight to get into many a mans head and heart and what I have found is these three common reasons. I hope it sheds some light.1) "He's just not that into you." 2) He doesn't think he can please you, and doesn't want to feel like a failure. 3) He's afraid of taking the love plunge. To read the full article : Why Men Run

1) He’s just not that into you. (If you haven’t read the book I highly recommend it. It is a bit harsh, but the truth of it shines through.) As much as you would like to think he is really into you…he’s not that into you. If you are more into him than he is into you…it makes him nervous that he is going to have to disappoint you with the news and really doesn’t want to deal with that. Harsh but true.

2) He doesn’t think he can please you. He does not want to look like a failure, to himself or you. If he thinks you are difficult to please by his standards, he just sees things as more trouble than they are worth, and will move on to some one else that is easier to please. That is a better option than always feeling like he can’t be good enough, or do enough, and there for have an unhappy woman on his hands.

3) He’s scared sh*tless of falling. Falling in love that is. You know that weird feeling you get in the pit of your stomache when you are about to roll down the peak of a rollercoaster? Magnify that 100 times. If a man senses the potential for a deep intimate connection and isn’t ready to deal with all that comes with it…he will run. That doesn’t make sense to women, they are always ready. Unfortunately it leaves women aching, and men with missed opportunities. It’s a sacrifice men are willing to make and women would bend over backwards for. It actually is a shame, but women take it as a huge compliment for he wouldn’t be running if he didn’t really find you stimulating.

This is my perspective, and it is my space, to call it how I see it. Feel free to comment! If you are interested in learning more about why people do the things they do check out Life ShapingIf you are interested in another article on Why Men Run