Can Someone Wish Harm On You?

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“Can people put blocks up to prevent channeling Reiki? I had a falling out with a friend and since then have been feeling different, and not sure if I’m channeling energy like I use to. Do you have any words of advice?” Ryan Munford


Your question, in a more broad sense, is one I often get. Many people wonder, or fear, if others can affect your life and influence it, or block you from doing or creating what you desire.

You may also be concerned that people who are not happy with you might turn your luck sour, create difficulty and disruption in your life situations, or prevent you from having and attaining what you desire. The answer is …not really, not directly anyway!

Your life and all that transpires within it is occurring because of electromagnetic signals you send out when you think and feel !!

You see every time you run a thought or feeling… consciously, subconsciously and/or unconsciously, a frequency matching it radiates out from you. That frequency is electromagnetically charged, and attracts to you situations, events and occurrences that match your frequency. This is really how The Law of Attraction works.

The process is simple, but we are complex thinkers, especially when you include all that goes on in your subconscious. Unfortunately this can mean what you are trying not to think about and fear, can be attracted to you.

Ultimately you are the master of your destiny, and all that happens in your life. It is up to each of us to de-clutter our minds, and clean up our emotional reservoir of negativity, to decrease the likelihood of unpleasant life experiences.

When someone is wishing ill will your way, or attempts to block you in any way from experiencing anything you desire, including channeling Reiki energy, their power to influence only goes as far as what your thoughts and feelings set up for a stage.

In other words, no one can wish harm on you and make it so…unless you fear it, or think they may have the power to do so.

My advice is to take comfort in knowing ultimately, it is only you that really may block you up! When you realize you are in power and fear not, you will find your channel clear and flowing.

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