Communicating with Animals

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We are surrounded by animals domestic and wild, which can make communicating with animals very valuable! Sometimes being able to communicate with them can make a huge difference in their lives or our own. They communicate with us sometimes by just crossing our path, delivering a subtle insight key to our life, acting like a shaman delivering wisdom. Sometimes their message is delivered just by that special way they look at us. Animal Communication is a two way street!

I live in a town that has a large population of Elk. Sometimes a herd of Elk can have everyone stopped on our main highway as they take their time to cross. Sometimes they are just hanging in the back yard, or grazing on your flowers. One of my friends uses communicating with animals as a technique for keeping her roses intact each season by telepathically letting the Elk know they need to graze on something else!

Years ago my brother had a very uncooperative cat hiding underneath his bed for hours that he needed to get into a cat carrier. My brother knew if we could at least get the cat to run into the bathroom he could then be in close enough quarters to get him into the carrier. The problem was there were quite a few other options for this cat to run and getting him into the bathroom was a challenge.

I asked my brother to give me a few minutes with the cat alone. I got on the floor, peeked under the bed and began talking to the cat and mentally communicated that he needed to cooperate. He rolled over and gave me his back. As a psychic I could literally feel this cat send me back the communication “screw you”.

I knew then that the cat was getting me, he just didn’t want to accept it, so I began to send him strong images and explain we meant no harm, this can be easy or difficult. I used all my intuitive powers to let him know I was going to gently move a broom under the bed to gracefully guide him out from under the bed and that he needed to head for the bathroom! When I felt he had gotten the message clearly I began to softly speak to him and gently nudged him with the broom. He got annoyed with me but scooted out from underneath the bed and bolted for the bathroom. My brother and I just looked at each other with shock, delight and relief.

I have a client that has a backyard full of wildlife. When a hawk showed up in her yard and began to stop in for dinner she wasn’t happy. We intuitively together discovered the powerful message the hawk had to bring to her and how it related to her life. Once she got her message she really wanted the hawk to move on and leave her animal community alone.

A hawk does have a mind of its own and a healthy appetite for survival so we decided to telepathically reach the hawk and let it know how she felt and see if some agreement might be made. Believe it or not she struck a deal with that hawk that so far he has adhered to. Imagine the results you might get trying this technique with your pets.

Communicating with Animals

1) Clear your mind, relax and focus.

2) Reach out and connect with the animal. Make eye contact if possible, or just imagine extending your energy field to meet theirs. When you sense you have their attention continue.

3) Use your mind to send your message. Communicate mentally and emotionally your message with images. Silently speak your mind and the message you want them to receive.

4) Wait for a response. Pay attention to what they communicate back to you with their body language or as a thought/feeling that you intuitive sense.

5) Acknowledge their communication to you. You may have just opened the door to a whole new way of relating to them!

We are doing this dance called “living” with the grace of the animal kingdom. It might be wise that we learn their language and learn from them, as we seem to expect them to learn our ways and behave. Learning to communicate with animals can lead to revelations and healing, for them and ourselves if we pay attention.

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    Beautiful and inspiring story.Thank you,
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