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This uncensored out of the box network changed my life! I have been in the field of Metaphysics for decades with a vast and deep expertise…yet this network of documentaries and series has blown my mind and stretched my knowledge base immensely. It is awesome to see the advances in science, technology and spirituality come together with hearty research and findings.

Below is my “Must Watch List” of Gaia Programs!!

I dare you to watch these and not get Hooked!


The notion of what consciousness is has eluded even the most erudite of scholar and diligent of researcher. But what about notions of Universal Consciousness? If finite consciousness within the human form have proven so elusive, then grasping notions of a universal consciousness must be even more enigmatic..


Ancient traditions knew of the pineal and enshrouded its mysteries in their lore. They knew that the pineal plays a role in our spiritual development and communication with spiritual beings. But with an increasingly toxic world, many people do not know of the innate gifts inherent to an open pineal. Find out more about the secrets of the pineal, and how you can begin to reawaken the seed of the soul.

Missing Links (series)

The mysterious fusion of human DNA, 200,000 years ago, did more than just produce the first anatomically modern human. It created a being with amazing abilities that are still awaiting to be awakened. Gregg Braden expounds upon the science underlying the untapped human potential, which becomes active when we learn how to help the heart and brain work in harmony. This presentation by Gregg Braden was originally webcast on March 2, 2017

Leianne's GAIA "Must Watch" Lists

Foster & Kimberly Gamble on the Making of Thrive
Inspirations-Lisa Garr S1:Ep19
Co-founder of Procter & Gamble, Foster is a lifelong seeker in the pursuit of knowledge. Not content with the current structure of power in the world and the massive global suffering, Foster Gamble set to make a documentary that unveiled the true reality of our existence in the 21st century.

We are not alone in the universe, nor here on Planet Earth. The Earth has been visited by advanced interstellar civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era.

Message for Humankind
Cosmic Disclosure Series- David Wilcock/Corey Good
There is more going on in space than you can ever imagine. Out of sight, out of mind. That is how the greatest secrets in the history of humankind have remained hidden from the populace. Now, a 20-year insider, Corey Goode, joins David Wilcock in this inaugural presentation of Cosmic Disclosure to reveal humanity’s celestial presence and the details of an extraterrestrial message which conveys details of the coming collective ascension for humankind.
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Power of Gold
Hidden Origins Series- Michael Tellinger
Gold has always been central to the advancement of human civilizations upon the Earth. Michael Tellinger relates the untold story of how and why gold shaped countless cultures throughout the expanse of human history.
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Cycles of Time
Missing Links Series- Gregg Bradon S1: Ep1
Humanity is set to face a rare convergence of three massive cycles of change. In this inaugural episode, Gregg Braden guides us through the evidence which charts the simultaneous peaking of economic, human conflict and solar cycles. The rise and fall in each of these cycles holds major implications for our civilization. As all three cycles are beginning to peak, a new story about humanity emerges. Originally webcast on January 5, 2017.
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Physics of Our Deepest Connections
Missing Links Series – Gregg Bradon   S1: Ep6
Experiments conducted by prominent scientists, reveal that the arrangement of photons and DNA can be directly influenced by human emotions.

Joe Dispenza on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
Inspirations Series – Lisa Garr    S1: Ep12
Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, chiropractor and author, explains how our habits are wired into our brains and what we can do about them. Every time you have a new thought or new activity, the neurons create new pathways (and there is dramatic video showing this happening).

Sacred Journey Of The Heart
The heart is the single organ that not only creates a unified field among all people but also creates a harmonic field with the earth itself. Learn tools and techniques from leading spiritual teachers, scientific experts and indigenous elders that will assist you on your personal heart-centered journey. Discover how living in a specific state called “heart coherence” will create a better future for the planet.

What The Bleep Do We Know
As we watch Amanda struggle to understand  her daily uninspired life literally begins to unravel, revealing the uncertain world of the quantum field hidden behind what we consider to be our normal, waking reality. Top scientists and mystics share their wisdom, findings and ideas woven together as a tapestry of truth, adding emphasis to the film’s underlying concept of the interconnectedness of all things.

The Cosmic Egg
Where does the soul come from and what is its connection with the body? William Henry explains the cosmic origin of physical and spiritual life from the moment our souls were brought into being and throughout the entirety of our existence.
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The Healing Field
Explore breakthroughs in the fields of energy medicine, quantum physics, DNA and genetics, the biochemistry of emotions and the power of the heart, mind and intentions.

The Living Matrix
The Living Matrix uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health. The film features a group of dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners who are finding healing potential in new places.

Science of the Soul
Science of the Soul explores the cutting-edge of consciousness related science to determine whether we are about to experience a new step in human evolution or the death of the human soul.

Bruce Lipton- The Biology of Belief
Inspirations-Lisa Garr S1:Ep31
What is the individual’s role in change? Learn how our genes and DNA do not control our biology, but rather how DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. He describes the power of our perceptions and, especially, our interpretations to control our genetics.

Geometry of the Field
Wisdom Teaching Series- David Wilcock
S5: Ep8
We have learned that the source field is the origin of gravity and that the fluid-like dynamics of gravity are what creates the atom. The geometry of the field is the grand unified secret of quantum physics.

Transformational Power of the Great Solar Flash
Cosmic Disclosure Series David Wilcock/Coey Goode
S7: Ep6
An energetic shift for our solar system is underway and it is initiating changes within the sun and for the whole of humankind. Corey Goode and Jay Weidner explain what these changes mean for the future of humanity as we continue our shift from 3rd to 4th density.