Life Shaping Oracle Deck

Card Message:

A spider cannot enjoy the true beauty of its web unless he is far from it. Often we get caught up in the drama that is right before us and we are too close to see the beauty of life’s intricately woven web. Sometimes you need to get far from, in order to understand life’s incredible composition. Life will always weave opportunity in at the perfect time. The Universe will Allow events to coordinate and align to provide the most synchronistic opportunities and divine timing. Pay attention and Allow life to feedback to you what you need to know or the next wise step in your Journey. Trust the direction life flows. Have faith all is working in divine order. If you follow life’s cues they will harmoniously lead you to your Desire.

This is an Insight Suit Card

This is your INSIGHT! It is key topic of focus that can lead to a breakthrough for you in the way you think and are perceiving things. This guidance is a quality that will open doors for you if you focus your awareness on it. It is a key piece of wisdom to assisting you in fulfilling your Desire.