Life Shaping Oracle Deck

Card Message:

True Peace comes from knowing a greater force is at hand, knowing everything is flowing naturally in the directions needed to assist you in fulfilling your truest Desires. It is difficult to accept sometimes that everything is already exactly as it needs to be. Our minds naturally search for reasons to be worried and concerned rather than just living in the moment as is and appreciating it for the opportunity it brings. Peace comes with the acceptance and understanding that you can have what you Desire even if circumstances seem to demonstrate otherwise. 

This is an Desire Suit Card

This is your deep DESIRE! Underneath every wish there is a deep ache to fill one of the 5 Core Desires. There are five things, without fail, you constantly strive to experience as long as you are alive. When these core desires are being nourished you flourish as a being and in your life. This piece of guidance connects you to understanding which of the five core desires you need to nourish to help promote manifesting what you really Desire.