Life Shaping Oracle Deck

Card Message:

Everything in our world is made of energy. Everything… every situation, every person, every circumstance, our environment, it is all made of energy. It is not a matter of how much is available to us, for it is Unlimited, but in what form. When you are clear on what you Desire, and have faith in its availability to you, energy will form into your Desire. It is an illusion that there isn’t enough. The possibilities are Unlimited. There is enough of everything because everything is made of energy. There is plenty of what you Desire. Recognize what you do have and have faith you will get more of what you do want, and you will.

This is an Challenge Suit Card

This is your CHALLENGE! This piece of guidance is one of the most pivotal. It discloses the fear that you are being Challenged by and the key to moving beyond it. Your greatest triumph will not be receiving your Desire but moving through the process of moving beyond your fear.