Life Shaping Oracle Deck

Card Message:

Creation begins with imagination. For life to evolve into your hopes, dreams and wishes you must first be able to imagine them and believe in them. Your brain does not know the difference between what is imagined or real. It assumes what you imagine as already real. It is only your Ego Mind that tells you it cannot be so. Your thoughts and feelings shape the future. When you use your imagination to develop a clear Vision of your Desires and assume it already is, it will manifest.

This is an Influence Suit Card

This is your INFLUENCE! It is a wave of specific energy the Universe will be sending your way to influence the situation. You want to be particularly aware of this guidance because it offers what you are to be watching for. It is a quality that will bring in the most influence into creating a shift in the direction of your desire. Focusing on activating more of this quality in your life now will be greatly beneficial!