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Crack Your Vibrational Code

  • Journeys For Conscious Living 7401 West 59th Avenue Arvada, CO, 80003 United States (map)

Cracking Your Vibrational Code

You are Energy.
Energy Vibrates.
You Vibrate – You cast a Vibrational Frequency.
That is Your Vibrational Code.

That Code determines your successes and failures in any and every area of your life.

Wouldn’t you like to know your Vibrational Code and how to change it so you can manifest success in the areas of your life you want?

$22 per person at the Door
$18 per person if you Book your Registration Online before 10/25/2016

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At this Event You Will:

  • Discover you own natural way to Detect and Identify Vibration and Understand it.

  • Get Familiar with Your

  • Vibrational Code

  • Learn how to create positive change with a technique using

  • Vibration

  • Experience the power and

  • Vibration of Crystal Singing Bowls

Understand How You Can Use Vibration To Shape Your Life!

This event will get you familiar with your own vibration and learning how to change it to get more of what you desire in life! Discover a natural way to understand Vibration and change it. You’ll walk away with some simple techniques to crack your Vibrational Code that will surely shape your life!

Get Familiar with Your Vibrational Code

We each have a unique set of frequencies and signals we cast out that influence our lives. This is your Vibrational Code. When you are familiar with how to identify your Vibration you can begin the process of changing it to get more out of your life and manifest what you desire!

Experience the Power and Vibration of Crystal Singing Bowls

One of the most powerful instruments to changing your Vibration and getting you in sync with manifesting what you desire are Crystal Singing Bowls. At this event you will have the opportunity to experience live Crystal Singing Bowls and their benefit in shifting your Vibration to Shape Your Life.

Earlier Event: October 13
Sync, Shift & Shape Event