Getting “Grace” in Your Life

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Have you ever found yourself just asking God to just cut you a break?

Sometimes you just feel like no matter what you do, how you do it, or in what way it just all turns into another mishap to add to the list of life faux pas.

Catching that break is what we have come to know as the saying “By the grace of God”.

When we are looking for the weight of life to be lifted from a shoulders and something smooth and easy as a solution to enter in, we are seeking spirit to grant us grace. I believe that the holy spirit of God is with us all the time operating his grace. It is only our limited, maybe negative, thoughts and feelings that block that grace from flowing through our lives consistently. When your thoughts and feelings are centered in optimism, faith, trust, and abundance it easy for spirit to dowse you with grace, for you are existing in it’s vibration as an equal match.

What the holy spirit wants to give you, you are open to and accepting. Unfortunately, when a few things go wrong, you begin to feel or think you have fallen from grace. In a way you have. You have fallen out of vibrational alignment with grace by focusing on the negatives of your situation. No longer are you a vibrational match for accepting grace. When this happens you are in need of a shift of consciousness that can bring you back into the same positive frequency as grace.

A change in your thinking and feeling needs to occur to open you back up to receiving the blessings of grace. I always have my clients create a ready to go Spiritual first aid kit when they are taking the Life Shaping program, for just this reason. They also have an instant lift available by visiting their “Sanctuary”, which is an online slide show of uplifting images inside their Life Journal.

Recently I was watching the Collection of DVD from the series “Joan of Arcadia”. If you are not familiar with the series it’s premise is based on a highschool girl’s life and her interaction with God. God shows up as all kinds of characters to speak with her and help her grow in her spirituality. In one particular show this is what God had to say about grace. “Grace is the touch of truth that lets you see the world in a new way. It’s a gift that can only be felt when you are open to accept it.”(Joan of Arcadia … Season 1, “State of Grace” Episode)

I think it couldn’t have been put better. Thank you God, thank you Ultimate Source!

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