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Self Health Assessments- Take this 4 part Series

Each Area will ask you questions about things you do or do not experience. Each Area A-D addresses a certain aspect of health and will deliver a Score to you at the end of the Assessment for that Area. This Score will help you evaluate where you’re at health wise, and if you could use some supplemental support in that area.

When you reach the final Health Assessment Result screen with your Score, you can print and save your results by using the “Print Results” Link in the Top Right Corner of the Result/Score Screen!

It is highly suggested you meet with your favorite health practitioner and have a consultation around what you glean from this Assessment. Feel free to Contact Me if you would like a consultation and if you know what products you would like to supplement visit my dispensary and get 10% OFF forever when you create an account with Wellevate (through my dispensary)!