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That Nightmare You Just Can’t Shake

Ever wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, and you just can’t shake its shadow? Some times does it that haunting feeling stick with you for the rest of the day? Even after you’ve told yourself a million times “it’s just a dream”? Nightmares are the domain of the subconscious. When you go to sleep at night your conscious mind takes a break, check out for the evening. Then your subconscious kicks in and goes to work to process all kinds of information your conscious just never got to because it was so busy managing waking life. (Learn all about how the mind works in Life Shaping)

 When you have a nightmare you’re working through left over fears, things that aren’t simple and easy for your conscious mind to resolve, and occasionally you are experiencing a glimmer of the future with a message to help you. During the day your conscious mind is very pre occupied with your Ego.

Your Ego has a very important job. The most important as far as it’s concerned! That is to make things ok. All day long, every moment of everyday Ego is making sure that your mental, emotional, physical self image and view of life is being maintained. That takes up a lot of you mental and emotional energy and is actually draining, but it is all Ego knows to do (learn all about the Ego and how it works in Life Shaping) . So you do it…all day long, no wonder you need to check out and sleep for the night.

The subconscious doesn’t have to worry about making things ok and making sense of it all, to fit your view. Your subconscious doesn’t need logic. It works off of a different system. Your subconscious uses the language of association to do its work. Its job is to work with all the unresolved issues and use what you associate to try to solve the puzzle.

For instance, I had a dream that felt like a nightmare to me and left me out of sorts for a good portion of the day. I dreamed I was back home, and on my land some one had built a small village of buildings. In one of the buildings a holistic fair was going on with vendors. My concern was who sponsored all this, and felt they had the right to use my land, and make money doing so, yet I was impressed with their ingenuity and thought they were doing a good thing. Still I was left very uneasy about it. My solution was to go visit the vendors, get to know them and how they’re doing business in the community, then ask them how they got into doing this fair, which would lead me to the “whom” that set it up..

The puzzle my subconscious was trying to solve was the journey I am presently on. I am trying to find a place to call home, and expand my business in that community. My subconscious setting up the hypothetical fair, on my old home land, was a scenario made of associations. The land was from the home I grew up on, and the fair of holistic vendors were my association of business peers..

My subconscious was really running a drill. “Here is the test run…what are you going to do?” My fears of moving onto a new location and having to build a new personal, and professional life, provided a need for practice. Scary, but better to face it in a dream first, before dealing with it in real life. That was what the left over issue my subconscious wanted to take care of.

When you have a disturbing dream you want to ask yourself “what was really bothering me”? What was the situation that was making you uncomfortable? Then identify what the core fear (learn what the five core fears are in Life Shaping) was that had you unnerved..

You have dreams and nightmares so you can continue to learn and grow. That is what “being human” is all about, day and night. If a dream leaves you uncomfortable it is just trying to teach you something. The trick is figuring out what it is trying to teach you. If you use your subconscious’ language of “association”, you can figure it out. You can learn from your fear so you can resolve what in life you are really concerned about..

Your resolution lies in asking yourself a few more questions and recognizing your associations. For instance, as per my dream I identified my fear as being “unaware” or feeling like I didn’t know what was going on around me. I could immediately recognize the correlation to my present situation going into set up shop in a new place. The big point to remember in interpreting your dream is to look at “how” you handled things in your dream. How did your way of handling work? Did it make you feel good and did it produce the results you were looking for? Now here is the magic question….”If you were in real life and had the opportunity to do it again, and be successful….what would you do?”.

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    A lot of of what you state happens to be astonishingly appropriate and that makes me wonder the reason why I hadn’t looked at this in this light before. Your piece really did turn the light on for me as far as this subject matter goes. But at this time there is one particular factor I am not too comfortable with and while I try to reconcile that with the central theme of the issue, allow me observe just what all the rest of your visitors have to say.Well done.