Intuitive Readings

Where’s your Life at?

Do you wonder…

Where things are going?
Why the people in your life do and say what they do?
How best to handle things?
Where to go from here and how to move forward?

Life has a way of delivering some very interesting curve-balls!

Intuitive Leianne Wilson

That’s where I come in!

I have been working with people for 40 years using my intuitive talents and psychic skills to assist people just like you discover hidden solutions to all their life situations.

I help people get Clarity & Insight

How Do I Do That?

With an Intuitive Reading!

Over decades of practice and experience I have cultivated the skill of accessing the Quantum Information Field which allows me to tap into streams of information (vibrations) that give me the understandings behind all the “Why’s & How’s” of Life…Your Life!

Like peering into a looking glass I can see the web life weaves, why and how it relates to what ever situation or condition you experience. I can follow the strands of information to your manifested desire. I can see the path of least resistance and your greatest wellbeing.

In a Session I can translate and deliver that information to you!

That information becomes the foundation of a game plan for you!

What you can Expect from an Intuitive Reading


You get to choose what we focus on in your Reading! What ever you would like Clarity on is available to you. Ask anything you like about yourself or your life!


The information will be from a broader perspective, giving you a clearer deeper understanding of things which will bring you into peace.


The perspective I will get to see your life from will also come with the advantage of seeing the path to your desires. Together we will find your way!

Their Experience:

“Leianne, I want to thank you for your support and assistance once again. I would estimate that listening to your counsel has saved me many thousands of dollars in what would have been bad investments as well!   I have often been in awe of how you go into the spirit realm and bring me back such clarity that I need to hear.”Darrin Starwyn

Darrin Starwyn

“Leianne has helped me to see the situations and people in my life as they truly are. With that new found clarity, I am able to make the changes that need to be made. More importantly she has helped me to see myself as a powerful creator of my own life. I am forever grateful!”

Sandra Bartels
Court Stenographer

“For over the last 15 years I have turned to Leianne’s intuitive gifts for insight, clarity or a new perspective. Sometimes the information doesn’t resonate in the moment, it may take a day, weeks, or months but I am always amazed at how spot on she is!”

Claudia Virga
National Speaker

“ Every time I get one of your Readings I have a new perspective on things that helps me realize the possibilities ahead. Thank you for being a beacon of wisdom, insight and divine guidance when things can get so confusing and challenging.”

Seth Cantera
Corporate Executive


Remote Sessions work great!

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