Life Shaping Bowls

Sound has been used all the way back to Lemuria and in every ancient civilization to enhance healing. Its underlying purpose is always to utilize sound vibration to bring oneself in to harmony with their unique frequency of Well-Being. Learn, Explore and Experience this unique blend of sound and imagery as the Life Shaping Crystal Singing Bowls shift you into Well-Being! Learn More...

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Yoga and Crystal Singing Bowls

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Crystal Singing Bowls are a form of sound therapy that emit a frequency to help open blocked energy points and brings you deeper into relaxation and healing. The soothing sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls entrain your vibration for a heightened experience of yoga and meditation. This incredible combination of sound and movment opens the energy flow of your subtle bodies (chakras and merridians) to dissolve blockages. Every experience leaves you uplifted, Tuned In, Tapped In, Turned On!

Life Shaping Bowl Sessions

A Healing Session is about clearing your self of negative attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and emotions that can interfere with Wellbeing and Healthy Living. This Healing Session will align your mental, emotional and physical systems with Wellbeing!

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Clickto Check out this Video Clip from the Dr.Oz show on Crystal Singing Bowls and how Doctors are using them!

Life Shaping Bowl Concerts

Experience the deep mysterious beautiful sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls. Kick back and take in the sound, vibrations and imagery provided at a Concert as your body, mind and soul are shifted into Healing and improved Wellbeing. Each Concert is unique and an adventure into transformation. Learn more…



New Crystal Singing Bowl Album

Enjoy over 60 minutes of healing music, nature sounds and tones!! You’ll find this music perfect for meditating to or as soul enhancing background music as you multi task!
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