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This isn’t just another Oracle Deck!

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It's a Step by Step Guide to Transformation!

What makes the Life Shaping Deck Special:

  • Transformation

The Life Shaping Deck has 4 key Suits that each play a role in understanding and creating positive change and transformation in your life. When you understand how to work with the 4 Suits to get spiritual guidance you embark on a journey of growth and expanded consciousness. It is a step by step guide to inner and outer transformation.

  • Convenience

You get the FREE LIFE SHAPING DECK KIT! No more fumbling through a tiny booklet to look up your Card's message! Use the handy APP to look up your card on your phone or tablet where ever you are. Also included in your Kit are printable Reading Layouts and Worksheets to capture your divine insight.

  • Results

Each Card carries a Vibrational Frequency (like an energetic signature) for the attribute on the Card (example: Abundance). This means that when you focus on the Card you are shifting your own Vibrational Frequency to the attribute of the Card. This increases your ease and ability to manifest that attribute into your life and experience transformational results!

  • Power in Motion

This special and unique deck of cards is based on the concepts and key principles of Life Shaping so it is guaranteed to be a divine life transforming experience each time you work with the Cards! Each image has been carefully chosen with Universal Guidance from my own personal collection of photographs. (Photo Art By Lei ). Each image carries a specific Vibration & Frequency to enhance bringing into your life your desires and the value of the Card's attribute. Each Card is not just a card... but an Energetic Atunement!

NOW FREE With Each DECK ...
 The Life Shaping Deck Kit!!

What's Include in your Life Shaping Deck Kit:

· The Life Shaping Deck Card Message Book - To look up your cards and get their message and view Reading Lay Outs. 

· 2 Different Reading Lay Out Printable Mats with Reading Directions -  To follow a format that delivers specific Insight to you

· 2 Different Reading Lay Out Printable Worksheets - To record the Insight you receive from your Card Readings

· Coming Soon - Instructional Video - To learn how to get the most from using your Life Shaping Deck

The Life Shaping Deck has 4 Pivotal Suits that line you up for Transformation and Manifestation!

Desire Suit

Underneath every wish there is a deep ache to fill one of the 5 Core Desires. There are five things, without fail, you constantly strive to experience as long as you are alive. When these core desires are being nourished you flourish as a being and in your life. These cards connect you to understanding which of the five core desires you need to nourish to help promote manifesting what you really Desire. (The five core desires are discussed and explained in the Life Shaping program).

Challenge Suit

As there are 5 Core Desires there are also 5 Core Fears revealed in the Life Shaping Program. These cards will disclose the fear that you are being Challenged by and the key to moving beyond it. Your greatest triumph will not be receiving your Desire but moving through the process of moving beyond your fear and reaching towards manifesting your Desires!

Insight Suit

These cards focus on the piece of Insight most instrumental on your spiritual path to manifesting what you Desire. They are based on the key concepts in the Life Shaping Program and the principle concepts necessary guiding you to a new way of thinking, feeling and being that will be important to creating your Desires. 

Influence Suit

The Influence Cards indicate specific qualities the Universe will be sending your way to Influence your life. They also serve as markers for results, qualities you want to be  working with and how you can apply yourself to support creating your Desire. You want to pay particular attention to these cards and what they offer for information and understanding.

When you bring these four suits together you have the Base Life Shaping Deck which will allow you to do your own simple Readings!
The Life Shaping Deck is also perfect for meditating or picking a card for the day!!