Excitement and fulfillment come from the risk of being challenged. In spite of your fears you already know you have all it takes to meet the Challenge and experience glory. It is the process you go through of stretching beyond your comfort zone, or known Skills and abilities that excites your Soul. Welcome Challenge for without it there would be no thrill or adventure to stimulate you. Identify how you may need to stretch yourself, learn or grow, in order to meet the making of your Desire.

In the distance lays the majestic mountains, yet between here and there lies a road lined with many elements yet to experience. This image displays the journey before one and the unknown challenges that bring one to the top of their own mountain’s glory. Between here and there are the diverse elements that move you on the road beyond your comfort zone into new territory.

The Question to Ask yourself is…
Am I stepping out of your comfort zone?

The Activity to Engage in is…
Where in your life are you feeling stuck or bored? What steps or action might you take that would take you just out of your comfort zone and closer to experiencing what you would like. Make a commitment to do one thing in that direction… and DO IT! Take on the Challenge to step towards fulfillment!

The Affirmation to work with is…
I embrace Challenge as part of my growth!


Life Shaping Deck - Insight Card - Challenge
 Leianne Wilson

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