It’s all a Choice. How you approach getting what you Desire is based on your Perceptions of why things are the way they are. It is your interpretation, or story, about your life and why it is the way it is. Based on that story you create a game plan that structures for you how to go about getting your needs and Desires met. Many times your plan is based upon a story that dictates an assumed best course of action, when in fact a more creative approach would be more effective. When you choose your Perceptions you open yourself to new ideas and new creative ways to approach manifesting your Desires. You have a Choice in how you would like to relate to what’s happening rather than reacting. Make a Choice and create a positive approach to attaining your Desires.

Amongst all the trees a few stand out, each representing a different way of looking at things. Each is unique and equally powerful but it is your Choice of Perception that will shape the outcome. Choosing where you stand and solid in what you desire, allows you to make Choices that support the growth of your forest of your life experiences.

The Question to Ask yourself is…
What do I choose?

The Activity to Engage in is…
Where in your life are you experiencing confusion? What are you thinking and feeling about that situation? Make a choice to think, feel and act about it in a way that supports your Greater Wellbeing. Try that Choice on and wear it… observe what changes… and what becomes clear!

The Affirmation to work with is…
I have the power to Choose!

Life Shaping Deck - Insight Card - Choice
 Leianne Wilson

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