Your Soul is connected to the source of all wisdom and knowledge and your creative juices are flowing all the time. Just by being alive you are creating your world with your thoughts and feelings. Deep within, your true self knows what the solution is and how to get on the path of manifesting your Desires. Within you is the mental and emotional capacity to face any challenge, and the power to design and live a life of your choosing. Make a Choice to trust your creative ideas and urges for they are leading you to your Desires.

The magnificent splendor of the gardens stirs the Creative juices within to make a plethora of possibility. Every shade of color under the dusk sky speaks to the unlimited power of Creativity. It is the Creative blending and mixing of all the elements of possibility that deliver a feast for the, heart, mind and soul to design and experience.

The Question to Ask yourself is…
What would enhance my life experience and how might I be open to those possibilities?

The Activity to Engage in is…
Imagine something you would like to experience showing up in your life that would make you smile. Consciously ask the Universe to send it to you in an out of the ordinary way. Pay attention to the Creativity of the Universe as it takes your design and finds a way to deliver. Make sure and smile big when it reveals itself to you.

The Affirmation to work with is…
I can Create what I desire from infinite possibilities!

Life Shaping Deck - Insight Card - Creativity
 Leianne Wilson

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