Your Perception is the story you tell yourself, and others, about why what’s happening in your life is happening. Your interpretation, of why things are the way they are, is based on what you associate with what is going on. Your associations build your story, which forms your interpretation of life, which creates your Perception. You can make a choice to change what you associate. That choice will change your story, which will change your Perception. Change your Perception and you will change life. Choose your thoughts and feelings and create a story that will attract and invite the manifestation of your Desire.

Where is your focus of perception in this photo? From what angle is your attention drawn and what creates the basis for the story that speaks to you from this image? Are your eyes guided to the mountain horizon, the water or the line of the fencing? Each element has its flavor and attribute to add to the totality of this summit view. This card reflects the different possibilities of viewpoints.

The Question to ask yourself is…
Does my Perception serve my Greater Wellbeing?

The Activity to Engage in is…
What is the situation or condition bugging you most in your life right now? Why do you think it is the way it is? This is your Perception, the story you are telling yourself about it. Is it serving your Greater Wellbeing? How might you look at the situation differently? What might you learn to gain a different understanding? What story (Perception) might you adopt that would support shifting this situation into one that enhances your Greater Wellbeing?

The Affirmation to work with is…
I can choose my Perception!

Life Shaping Deck - Insight Card - Perception
by Leianne Wilson

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